Smart Space offers 100% financing with no money down for all projects that will improve the comfort, energy waste, and health of your home.

Low monthly payments
Buyers can keep their cash in their pockets and make low monthly payments over time.

No prepayment penalties
There is no penalty for customers to pay off early.

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Rebates through Georgia Power: The Whole House Approach is the most effective way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. It begins with our Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified analyst using state of the art diagnostic equipment and software to perform a comprehensive home energy assessment. We will identify and recommend specific energy saving home improvements that help you reach a total energy reduction goal. Once the recommended improvements are successfully completed by us, a follow-up assessment will then be performed to determine the resulting energy performance. Customers will then be able to receive a rebate of up to $800 through Georgia Power based on the energy savings percentage achieved. Benefits of the Whole-House Approach with Georgia Power can include:

  • Rebates up to $1300 to help cover a portion of the home assessment and improvement costs
  • Work performed by a BPI certified analyst
  • Third party quality assurance to verify that the work is done properly
  • More comfortable, healthy rooms with fewer drafts and hot/cold spots.

Click here to read more details on the Georgia Power Website:

Individual Projects Rebates

Whole House Rebate

Federal Tax Credits